Meet Our Team

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    Gordon Root

    — Principal & Founder
    • 1995-2012 Board of Directors of HBA (Metro Portland)
    • 2012 Elected and served as President of HBA
    • 2013 “Builder of the Year” award

    A 1981 graduate from Oregon State University, Gordon began his career in the land development business in 1984 through acquiring distressed real estate from the FSLIC. His experience spans all types of properties, (residential, commercial, and industrial), but his primary focus has been residential developments. His experience is in land entitlements and development. He has entitled over 2700 lots, acting as principal in excess of $100,000,000 in real estate transactions to date.

    Gordon has deep ties within the home building industry and has served on the Board of Directors at the Homebuilders Association of Metro Portland for 17 years (serving as an officer for 5 of those years), and was elected and served as President of the premier industry trade association in 2012. As a result, he has a large network of industry professionals and he maintains excellent relationships with a multitude of elected officials.

    Gordon was honored with the coveted “Builder of the Year” award in 2013 and has been actively involved with, and is the driving force, of the prestigious “Street of Dream” which is the longest running luxury home show.

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    Rick Waible

    — Principal & Founder
    • Principal in over $100,000,000 in real real estate transactions
    • Developed over 1150 lots to date
    • 12 Time Award winner at “Stret of Dreams”

    After serving his country in the 325th Division of the 82nd Airborne of the Army, Rick was ready to begin his career in the construction industry in 1988. Rick began working through most of the trades where he developed a strong knowledge of the homebuilding business from the ground up.Rick constructed his first house in 1991 and developed his first lot partition in 1992 with several smaller sized rural development to follow.

    Throughout the 1990′s, Rick continued to remodel and build dozens of homes while working in the trade industry. Small development projects turned into larger projects which led to the founding of Taurus Homes and Development. At Taurus Homes, Rick built over 350 homes ranging from starter homes to luxury homes. He is a 12 time award winner at the “Street of Dream”s including the coveted “Best of Show” award.

    In addition to residential building and development, Rick has also developed and constructed industrial and commercial property.Rick has been a principal in over $100,000,000 in real estate transactions and has developed over 1150 lots to date. The ability to envision and rapidly develop and design a housing product that fits on today’s lots is the kind of challenge that specifically suits Rick’s personality, expertise and talents.

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    Morgan Will

    — Project Manager
    • Background in Real Estate, Land Use Planning & Engineering
    • Has brought 40+ Projects to Fruition

    Morgan Will is a graduate of Portland State University with a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and two years of study in Civil Engineering. Since earning his Master’s Degree over 10 years ago, Morgan has been working in the land use planning and real estate industry for local agencies, consulting firms, developers, and builders. Morgan has helped bring 40+ projects to fruition.